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May 2005

The Matrix Online is out now. The official site is bursting with material and news topics, and reviews are still dripping in. You can find some of these in the <news> section.

Paul Chadwick talked to the Wachowski Brothers about the Matrix Online gameworld and asked them if jack in themselfs sometimes. Read it <here>.

Unfortunately due to some hacking on this site (maybe it's the contents that inspired them) I'm not able to open my mail. If you've sent an email in the last month or so, I haven't been able to read it. Hopefully the problem will soon be solved.

Did you get the Ultimate Collection already? 10 DVD's with more than you can imagine? View what it looks like and read what's on it <here>.

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News - May/April 2005

- <SciFi Mxo Review>
- <The Matrix: Path of Neo>

- <Interview Wachowski Brothers>
- <Oracle Transcript>

- <Matrix Online downloadable material>
- <Matrix Online European release date>

- <Matrix Online IGN (p)review>

- <Matrix Online Gamespot Review>

- <More...>



Normally I would ask you to mail it to <webmaster@matrixfansite.com>, but unfortunately I'm not able to open my mail. But don't be afraid, the news will get it's updates!


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